Safety tips for parking your car in the street

ByRobert Morgan

Safety tips for parking your car in the street

Whether you live in an apartment or work in a city-based office, you might find yourself having to park your car on the street at some point. There are only so many parking spaces in a building complex and so, some people have no choice but to make do with the street. If you are one of those people who have to park here, the following tips can help you protect your car and keep it safe:

Secure your car

This tip applies even to those leaving their cars in a car park. Leaving your doors unlocked, windows open or your alarm off is essentially like begging to be robbed or carjacked. As obvious as that would sound to do these things, many people often forget to lock their doors or they leave their windows open just enough to allow some cool air in on a hot day. Either way, it is dangerous and can lead to robbers making off with your car or helping themselves to essential features like the car radio.

Choose your parking spaces wisely

This is especially important if you are parking at night. I advise my readers to park their cars in areas that are properly lit to make it easier for criminals to be spotted should they approach your car. One of the best places to park is near or in front of a store that is open 24 hours a day. It’s not always practical to park here but, it can save your car in the long run.

lock steering wheelLock your steering wheel

Again, this applies to people parking in a car park as well as the street. Investing in a special lock for your steering wheel is a good way to keep your car protected. These keep the wheel locked, regardless of whether the engine is on or not and will act as repellants for anyone looking to drive away with your car.

Secure your valuable belongings

Leaving valuable items like your mobile in your car is basically baiting thieves. Some criminals will actually stop by your car if they spot anything worthwhile like a wallet, for example. It is best to leave your car empty and to travel with essentials such as keys to your house, IDs and so forth.

Utilize the emergency brake

The emergency brake is very important yet, constantly ignored by a lot of people. Not every criminal will start the car immediately if they want to steal it. They might roll it away so they can start it when they are somewhere quiet and secluded. When you engage the emergency brake, this makes it impossible to roll the car and when coupled with parking in between two other vehicles, it makes it much harder to move the car away altogether. So while the thief might run off with a tire or radio, your car will be safe overall.

Parking in the street need not be daunting if you are well prepared. As long as you follow the above tips, your car should be relatively safe no matter where you park it.

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