Coronavirus: How to disinfect your vehicle

Coronavirus: Are you correctly disinfecting your vehicle? With the current health crisis, we share our tips on how to keep your vehicle sanitized & virus free. Whether you drive for a living or just occasionally use your vehicle, you may be wondering about the best methods to keep COVID-19 out and how to sanitize and […]

Save Save Save

Save Save Save – The Case for Leasing “Slightly Used” There is a saying in the motor industry “the first buyer – is the first loser” United Leasing specialises in slightly used cars and vans. We will save you £ thousands. Example #1 A new VW Golf (random example) costs around £19,000 – what we […]

Driving in the Dark

Driving in the Dark Street lights are being switched off or dimmed to save money in three-quarters of England’s council areas, according to Labour Party research. The party said much of Britain was being “plunged into darkness”, claiming the number of lights switched off had “soared” in recent years. Ministers say it was for councils […]

Ban on Petrol and Diesel Car Sales Brought Forward

Ban on Sale of New Petrol and Diesel Cars brought forward to 2035 New plans due to be announced today will bring the inital ban on sales of new Petrol and Diesel vehicles forward to 2035 from 2040. The Prime Minister will reveal plans to end the sale of petrol, diesel and Hybrid Vehicles – […]

Choosing a Car Rental Firm

Choosing a Car Rental Firm Price is not really the issue – most rental prices are pretty much the same. Choice of car is also not an issue. To be candid, most makes and models are also pretty much the same – after all you are not buying the car, right? So what are the […]

Parking Tickets (PCN’s)

Parking Tickets (PCN’s) A word about Parking Tickets. They are a minefield. There isn’t a driver in the country who can’t claim to have never received one. Fair or not, they are a way of life for all drivers no matter how careful you think you are. The point of this blog is to give […]

Car Sharing, an uncertain future?

Drive Now Cars

Car Sharing, an uncertain future? Source: Car Sharing was once seen as the future, but now looks uncertain Car sharing is the latest craze in the rental industry, with technology advancement enabling users to share cars from their smartphone. Keyless technology removes the middle man from hiring a car making the process that much […]

Important Message

Theif breaking into car

IMPORTANT MESSAGE Important Message To All Of Our Customers ‘Tis the season of goodwill Lock all your belongings in the boot out of sight Keeping your belongings out of sight will help in deferring thieves from breaking into your vehicle. If a theif walks past your vehicle and cannot see anything worth stealing then they […]

Weather Forecast

Checking the weather Question | How important is it to check the weather forecast before you go on any journey? Answer | Very important. With the changing climate flash floods and inclement weather can occur without notice. You assume the weather will be OK en-route – then without warning, you could be in for a […]

Effortlessly clear your car screen on a frosty morning

Effortlessly clear your car screen on a frosty morning This week, we will let you in on our best kept secret. To clear your glass on a frosty morning, without scraping, aerosols or chemicals simply fill a plastic bag with very warm (not scolding hot) water. Tie the top up and simply drag the bag […]