Tips for quick parking

ByRobert Morgan

Tips for quick parking

If you are new to driving then you probably know the daunting feeling that comes each time you have to park. Truthfully speaking, even the most experienced of drivers can struggle when it’s time to navigate a car park. Despite this, parking is still an integral part of your driving experience and whether you like it not, you have to learn to execute it with as little flaws as possible at some point.

In general, parking requires a lot of outside observation so that you can judge how much space is there for you to make a turn and how best you can navigate any obstacles to ensure that you don’t cause any damage to your car or someone else’s car in the process. It’s safe to say that navigating parking spaces successfully is more of a challenge that learning how to drive a car from scratch. It is quite common for collisions to occur in parking spaces but with the following tips in mind, you can learn to park a lot faster and smoother and hopefully avoid unnecessary bumps and scratches.

Focus on slow movements and quick turns

Once you spot an open space and make the decision to park here, the next step is to navigate your car as smoothly as possible into the available space without bumping into other cars. The trick is to slow down your car as you are parking, so that you can have more control over it. Making a quick turn into the space will ensure that you position the car exactly where it has to be.

Keep an eye on your surroundings at all times

Most drivers will remember to look on either sides of their cars while they are parking but not many know the importance of monitoring the back as you reverse into or out of the space. It is possible for another car to be backing out of a parking space or for a pedestrian to be walking behind your car. By keeping an eye on the back of your car as you are reversing, you can ensure that you don’t crash into another car or hit a pedestrian.

Never make assumptions about other cars in the car park

Even if the car park seems completely empty, it is never a wise decision to assume that there aren’t any pedestrians, cyclists or cars in the area. As such, you should treat every moment that you are in the car park as if it is packed and busy.

Steer clear of other vehicles

If navigating crowded parking spaces is not easy for you, there is always the option to park far away from other vehicles. Granted, parking in empty areas is not ideal for your safety or that of your car but, parking in a less crowded space means less pressure and thus, lower chances of colliding with another vehicle, person or bicycle.

As long as you keep a watchful eye on all of your surroundings and choose an area that is not too congested, parking will become a lot less stressful and much easier for you to handle.

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